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Saatavuus: 5+ st varastossa
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- Shorter overall design with enhanced palm support allows for more free movement
- 3360 sensor
- Symmetrical right handed mouse developed for palm and claw grip usage
- Perfect lift-off distance; Plug and play (No driver needed)
- 400/ 800/ 1600/ 3200 DPI adjustment
- Adjustable USB report rate 125/ 500/ 1000 Hz
- Mouse cable attachment point is raised at an angle to lower the chance of the cable dragging on the mousepad

S Series is designed to have a shorter overall length allowing users’ to easily wrap around and hold the mouse. There’s enough space between the palm and back edge of the mouse so users can move freely during vertical movements. DIVINA S Series is available with a glossy coating in pink and blue color, equipped with the 3360 sensor and comes in two different sizes.

The front ends of the mouse have been raised to provide palm grip users more space to place the 4th finger. Sides of mouse are shaped similarly to the ambidextrous ZA and FK series. The side buttons on the right side have been removed to prevent interference with a right-handed user’s grip.

Mouse cable attachment point is raised at an angle to lower the chance of the cable dragging on the mousepad.

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    After 6 months the mouse started disconnecting constantly. As if it was being plugged out and in. Nothing on the internet or changing the ports worked. Also, the scroll wheel has a step where it scrolls to the opposite direction (scrolling down scrolls up and the other way around) making it useless for gaming and annoying for browsing. Impossible to recommend this mouse.

Tekniset tiedot
Sensor model: PMW3360
Sensor: Optical
DPI: 3200
Number of buttons: 5
LED-lights: No
Ambidextrous: No
Scroll wheel: Yes
Wireless: No
Connection: USB
Cable length (m): 2
Size & weight
Length (mm): 122
Width (mm): 64
Height (mm): 38
Weight (g): 82
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