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MM711 Pelihiiri Matte Musta

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Cooler Master

The MM711 is a truly innovative mouse that does more with so much less. Along with all the pro-grade features that make our gaming mice deadly in combat, we’ve also implemented a striking new honeycomb shell design and a deceptively durable Ultraweave cable to trim the overall weight of the mouse to less than 60g.

Combined with new feet made of supremely responsive, durable PTFE, the result is quicker movements, longer gaming sessions, minimal fatigue, and less wrist pain associated with repetitive stress injury.

Lightweight Honeycomb Shell
New perforated housing is engineered to be supremely durable and lightweight, meaning you can play longer without fatigue

Ultraweave Cable
Innovative ultraweave cable significantly reduces weight and cable pull while swiping. Fight against your enemies, not cable pull. No more playing tug-o-war with your mouse. The Ultraweave cables feels wirefree with clean swipes, flicks, and drags – without feeling cable pull.

Gaming-Grade Optical Sensor
Adjustable up to 16000 DPI for greater control, precision, and futureproofing.

Stylish RGB Accents
RGB LEDs in the scroll wheel and the logo allow for understated flair — while also serving as a functional DPI indicator. 16,7million color compatible, 2-zone illumination, all adjustable by On-the-Fly presets and control.

Ergonomic, Ambidextrous Shape
Optimized for right-handed gaming with two extra buttons for added convenience.

Superior Quality Switches
OMRON switches for left and right click are graded for 20 million presses that remain accurate and true till the end.

Superior Mouse Feet
New-and-improved feet made with PTFE material for low friction and high durability, which provides a smooth, fast glide with maximum responsiveness.


Tuotenumeromme: 15449
Valmistajan tuotenumero: MM-711-KKOL1

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Liitäntä USB
Langaton Ei

Mitat & paino

Johdon pituus 1.8 m
Leveys 62 mm
Syvyys 117 mm
Korkeus 38 mm
Paino 60 g


Sensori malli Pixart PMW3389
Sensori Optinen
DPI 16000 dpi
Maksimikiihtyvyys 50 G
Näppäinten määrä 6
Molempikätinen Ei
Valaistus Kyllä
Säädettävä paino Ei
Vierityspyörä Kyllä
Väri Musta
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