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MasterMouse S RGB Pelihiiri

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Cooler Master

Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse with intelligent RGB illumination
Get in touch" with MasterMouse S and discover a pleasurable and satisfying grip brought about by its special contoured design and advanced surface finish. Under the perfected exterior, a gaming grade PixArt sensor with up to 7200 DPI waits impatiently for your command. Customize the brilliant RGB illumination offering 16.7 million color options and match your rig's color scheme. Spot-on sensor and lighting settings can be achieved via the easy to use ecosystem software that comes along with the mouse.

More Colors than You can Count
No limits in selecting your preferred color. MasterMouse S allows you 16.7 million color options to be chosen and changed at will.

Programmable illumination zones
Intuitive software that comes standard with the mouse lets you program two independent illumination zones - one along the rim of the mouse wheel and one at the back-bottom edge. Save your presets into different profiles and switch between them at your leisure.

A Sensor You Can Trust
PixArt PMW3330 optical sensor truly delivers up to 7200 DPI. No interpolation, no acceleration. MasterMouse S doesn't estimate your moves. It tracks them in real time.

Choose Your Weapon
Switch between four customizable DPI profiles! Preprogram DPI values for each profile with anything from 400 to 7200 DPI in 100 DPI steps. Fine tune your mouse and face each battle with a weapon you can depend on.

How Many Buttons Do You Need?
The MasterMouse S offers 5 programmable buttons (6 physical buttons) that can be easily expanded thanks to the Storm Tactix function. When Storm Tactix is activated, all other buttons trigger an alternative function. In this mode, the number of buttons on MasterMouse S is almost doubled (9+1 switch button). Assign the Storm Tactix button based on your preference and press it to enter a new dimension.

Built to Last
Nearly every inch of the MasterMouse S's body is covered in a matte UV coating. This coating is highly durable and won't peel, wear, or tarnish. Both of the main buttons are equipped with Omron switches guaranteed to last 20 million clicks. The cable strain relief has been built extra strong to endure even the wildest action.

Brains on board
The power of a 32-bit ARM processor allows you to save and play back complex macros, as well as save all of your DPI settings, lift off distance, and LED settings for use on any computer without software. The 512KB on-board memory lets you take your macros and settings wherever you go.

Easy to use Software
Customize DPI levels, illumination, button functions and advanced sensor settings (lift of distance, angle snapping, angle turnability, sensitivity). Experiment and discover what setup fits you besy.


Tuotenumeromme: 10106
Valmistajan tuotenumero: SGM-2006-KSOA1

Tietoa tuotemerkistä

Tekniset tiedot


Liitäntä USB
Langaton Ei

Mitat & paino

Johdon pituus 1.8 m
Leveys 63 mm
Syvyys 117 mm
Korkeus 38 mm
Paino 123 g


Sensori malli Pixart PMW3330
Sensori Optinen
DPI 7200 dpi
Maksimikiihtyvyys 15 G
Näppäinten määrä 6
Molempikätinen Kyllä
Valaistus Kyllä
Säädettävä paino Ei
Vierityspyörä Kyllä
Väri Musta
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