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Lanberg 8-porttinen Kytkin 100/1000 Mbps V12

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Lanberg DSP2-1008 is a compact, unmanaged desktop switch equipped with 8 x Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 ports. The device itself is small and handy with Plug & Play operation principles. Product provides switching functions for 8 x 10/100/1000 Mbps RJ-45 ports with automatic connection negotiation and MDI-MDIX support. The distinctive feature of the DSP1 and DSP2 series switches is the use of universal 12V power supply, used in many other IP and CCTV surveillance, alarm, security, and IT devices. With this solution, the end-users, ISPs, or installers are not forced to use the default power supply, thus the greater freedom in regards to delivering the power to the switch using this voltage.

The benefits of using 12V power include

- Power and data can be routed via this Ethernet cable using PoE technology - in the passive version. One end of the cable is plugged into the 12V passive port, while the other end is separated by a passive adapter. This solution solves 2 issues: power and data. As a result of this, using the same cable, the switch is supplied with the appropriate voltage, and the RJ-45 end of the cable plugged into the switch, allows communication of both devices,
- 12V voltage is present in alarm systems and older CCTV solutions. In such cases, a collective power supply is used, which eliminates the need for any additional energy sources and allows for easy replacement of the main power adapter in case of failure,
- There are many manufacturers on the market offering 12V buffer power supplies offering a jack cable. Such small devices provide power to compact products such as routers and switches. 12V used in the DSP2 series allows you to connect all sorts of buffer power supplies to maintain the device's operation after a power outage,
- Increased stability of the equipment and better current efficiency of the device through the use of higher voltage.

Switch is an ideal solution for domestic use due to its modest size and silent passive cooling. On top of that, black color and elegant slim case fits to almost any interior. Moreover, device is suitable for office applications, including SOHO and SMB. Lanberg switch boasts adequate performance, meeting the requirements established by users in the switch segment. Automatic recognition and adaptation to the type of connected network cable (solid or strand) feature eliminates the requirement to use only one type of Ethernet cabling, as well as a need for uplink ports, allowing simultaneous reduction of unnecessary costs. The switch supports Half-Duplex and Full-Duplex mode for inter-device connections. Flow control feature allows data flow management, thus avoiding any data transmission blocks on the port when one of the receiving devices is unable to receive enough data. Lanberg desktop switch guarantees a combination of high-quality, automation and a range of features ensuring stable device operation without any excessive user intervention.

Product characteristics and features
- 8 x RJ-45 10/100/1000 Mbps ports with automatic connection negotiation,
- Plug-and-play support – product does not require any additional configuration,
- MDI / MDIX support, MAC-learning, MAC-aging,
- Flow control function: Back Pressure @ Half-Duplex and IEEE 802.3x @ Full-Duplex,
- Topology: Star,
- Protocol: CSMA / CD,
- MAC address table support: 4K,
- Switching bandwidth: 16 Gbps,
- Passive cooling for silent switch operation,
- Mounting holes for wall installation.

- Power supply: external (AC: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 0.3 A; DC: 12 V, 0.5 A)
- Power consumption: max. 4.53 W,
- LEDs indicating PSU operation: Power, LAN ports (Link / ACT),
- Dimensions: 89 x 137 x 28 mm.


Tuotenumeromme: 16054
Valmistajan tuotenumero: DSP2-1008-12V

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Lanberg tarjoaa kaapeliratkaisut jokaiselle. Termit kehitys ja joustavuus ovat omiaan kuvailemaan Lanbergia, joka on erikoistunut toimittamaan erilaisia verkko- ja kaapelointiratkaisuja. Laaja tuotevalikoima kehittyy koko ajan, ja yritys huolehtii tuotteidensa laadun jatkuvasta parantamisesta. Lanbergin kyky tarjota markkinoille kulloinkin ajankohtaisia tuotteita on siivittänyt yrityksen tasaiseen kasvuun.

Jos etsit kaapelia tai adapteria, löydät suurella todennäköisyydellä etsimäsi Lanbergin laajasta tuotevalikoimasta. Tarjolla on myös kaapelointikokonaisuuksia, mukaan lukien LAN:in ja kaapelisarjat, sekä laitteita LAN-verkkoinfran rakentamiseen. Löydät myös laitteet ja tuotteet, joiden avulla kaapeloinnit on helppo tehdä oikein.

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