Xtrfy friberg King of Banana Teampad - Large

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  • Xtrfy friberg King of Banana Teampad - Large
  • Xtrfy friberg King of Banana Teampad - Large
  • Xtrfy friberg King of Banana Teampad - Large
  • Xtrfy friberg King of Banana Teampad - Large
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Yet another professional gamer chooses to team up with Xtrfy to create his own mousepad. The new addition to the XTP1 mousepad series is designed in collaboration with CS:GO player friberg, also known throughout the gaming community as the “King of Banana”.

Adam Friberg is a Swedish pro gamer and a key player in the world-renowned team Ninjas in Pyjamas. As a skillful rifler, he has helped his team win numerous tournaments over the years. Apart from his long list of achievements, friberg has become famous for his way of dominating the Banana area of CS:GO map Inferno.

“At Xtrfy, we’re proud to be the choice of many professional gamers and we’re really happy to create a mousepad with a player like friberg”, says Joakim Jansson, Co-founder of Xtrfy.

The new mousepad is a redesigned version of Xtrfy’s XTP1, a high-performing cloth pad. The advanced weaving structure of the surface is designed to provide great glide and super-precise tracking for both laser and optical mice, while the natural rubber base promises to keep the pad perfectly still during the most intense moments of gaming. The size of the pad is Large (460 x 400 x 4 mm), providing plenty of room for both high and low mouse sensitivity settings.

“The choice of materials for my mousepad felt natural since I’ve been using the XTP1 for more than a year now”, says Adam Friberg. “What makes it stand out is the quality. After thousands of hours of gaming, the friction of the surface hasn’t changed at all. It’s also more comfortable than any other mousepad I’ve ever used, which is important especially since I keep my wrist on the pad when I play”, Adam Friberg explains.
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Tekniset tiedot
Width (mm): 460
Depth (mm): 400
Thickness (mm): 4
Material: Cloth
Print: Yes
Wrist Support: No
Stitched Edges: Yes
Lighting: No
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