Fnatic Gear Streak [MX Red]

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  • Fnatic Gear Streak [MX Red]
  • Fnatic Gear Streak [MX Red]
  • Fnatic Gear Streak [MX Red]
  • Fnatic Gear Streak [MX Red]
  • Fnatic Gear Streak [MX Red]
  • Fnatic Gear Streak [MX Red]
  • Fnatic Gear Streak [MX Red]
  • Fnatic Gear Streak [MX Red]
  • Fnatic Gear Streak [MX Red]
  • Fnatic Gear Streak [MX Red]
  • Fnatic Gear Streak [MX Red]
  • Fnatic Gear Streak [MX Red]
  • Fnatic Gear Streak [MX Red]
  • Fnatic Gear Streak [MX Red]
  • Fnatic Gear Streak [MX Red]
  • Fnatic Gear Streak [MX Red]
128,90 €
Saatavuus: 3 st varastossa
1-3 päivän toimitusaika Tilaukset, jotka vastaanotetaan ennen klo 17.00, lähetetään samana päivänä
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- High quality Cherry MX Switches
- Full RGB-lightning
- Adjustable wrist rest with 3 different levels
- Wrist rest in PU-leather
- Dedicated Fnatic-key for competition mode
- Exchangable magnetic signature plate
- Compatible with OP software

Making comfort the priority.
Time and again our pro’s put comfort as the most important aspect of their equipment. That’s precisely why we designed our board with soft rounded edges, PU leather wrist rest and perfectly balanced key height to make STREAK extremely comfortable to handle, in every scenario.

Fully customizable RGB with 8 lighting modes.
Powerful and simple on board lighting controls allow you to flick through the different lighting effects such as Rainbow Wave, Reactive typing, Single colour or gradient, right from the firmware no software needed. With the addition of our OP software, the possibilities and flexibility are up to your imagination.

An innovative wrist rest.
We’ve never been satisfied with keyboard wrist rests. Often clumsily attached and a burden to use, especially as we’ve all got different hand sizes. On the streak we completely reimagined the wrist rest, making it detachable with 3 adjustable levels, a textured and padded PU leather top, full metal build and strong neodymium magnets to keep it stable. A truly comfortable and controllable support for weary wrists.

Slim but strong. Built to be David, not Goliath.
Measuring up at just 28mm at the thinnest point and weighing only 704g and 962g respectively, STREAK is one of the world’s thinnest mechanical gaming keyboards. But don’t be fooled by appearance, with rubber feet angled for maximum grip, and built with a beautiful anodised metal top plate, it’s strong as an ox and won’t budge even in the most heated of sessions.

Gamers love to customise, whether that’s skins or their setup. So we’re putting it front and centre, or in this case at the back of the keyboard through a removable signature plate. In a few months, we’ll open up the possibility for fans to get their own gamer tag or, well, any word printed right from our site.

OP software. Just like you.
Designed for the simplest experience, without compromising on features, the interface won’t need a PHD to get to grips with. Cloud based, and cross platform, it will evolve consistently to enhance your experience. Starting with super easy lighting controls, straight forward key bindings, and profiles this is just the beginning of your road to OP./p>

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Tekniset tiedot
Switch Type: Cherry MX Red
Mechanical switches: Yes
Backlight: Yes
Backlight color: RGB
Language layout: Nordic
Anti-ghosting: Yes
Button layout: ISO 105
Cable length (mm): 2.2
Wireless: No
Size & weight
Width (mm): 440
Depth (mm): 141
Height (mm): 36
Weight (g): 962
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