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Voyager Kuulokkeet Musta

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Musical experience at your fingertips
For some, adventure means going to a park or on an exotic vacation, for others – it is every single moment in their lives. Whichever group of people you belong to, Audictus Voyager enriches your experience with high fidelity sound, allowing you to re-discover your favourite music and enhancing your listening experience.

High fidelity with Crystal Tone
The Crystal Tone technology and 50 mm drivers deliver superb sound quality, catering to even the most demanding users. With Audictus Voyager, we provide you with an opportunity to re-discover your favourite music in an enhanced version.

Meaty bass
With properly implemented dynamics of low frequency drivers, we have obtained powerful and expressive lows that will satisfy demanding listeners. Our goal with Audictus Leader is to deliver maximum enjoyment from listening to meaty, natural and high-quality bass.

2 AUX ports
The Audictus Voyager headphones have two different AUX inputs: 3.5 mm and 6.3 mm. We have unleashed the full potential of the headphones, giving you the comfort of using them not only with basic everyday equipment, but also with studio equipment and musical instruments if necessary.

Voyager means convenience
One outstanding feature of the Audictus Voyager model is its design, adding to the superior wearing comfort. Thanks to the comfortable leather shells and low weight, you will not feel any strain even after a long journey through your favourite musical experience.

Multifunctional cable with microphone
In addition to a 3.5 mm to 6.3 mm adapter cable, the Audictus Voyager headphones come with a multifunctional 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm jack remote control, allowing you to adjust volume, pause playback and transmit your voice in a high quality using the microphone integrated with the remote control.

Foldable design
The headphones have been designed to keep you as mobile as possible while wearing them. Stay mobile thanks to a stylish foldable design, allowing you to carry Audictus Voyager in a safe and convent way.


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