Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 2 RIG Limited Ed (PS4/PC)

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- Fully programmable left stick
- 3m USB Type-C braided cable
- Software redesigned
- Directional pad (4-8 way)

The Nacon brand is now renowned for its development of PC accessories and has now evolved to producing high performance and premium quality console products dedicated for eSports.

The REVOLUTION Pro Controller 2 is the result of the hardwork of Nacon engineers, developers and designers coupled with the feedback from professional gamers and the gaming community and in association with Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe.

Bring eSport in your hands on Playstation ® 4 and PC!
- A true PC controller (X-Input mode)
- New wired connection to USB Type-C
- Fully programmable left joystick
- 8 way or 4 way setting for D-pad
- Shortcuts can be mapped directly to the controller in all modes
- New interface redesigned for more ergonomics, now available on PC & Mac

The main feature of the controller is the increased amplitude of
the Nacon joysticks allied with a highly tuned, custom algorithm
providing the best accuracy on the market. Shortcut buttons on the back of the controller can be set manually!

The potential of the REVOLUTION Pro Controller 2 is increased
thanks to its Advanced mode. The improved interface has been redesigned with a more ergonomic layout and allows the player to save up to 4 profiles on the controller with more advanced settings. The controller also features a newly added response curve, for the left joystick, and enhanced D-Pad modes alongside the original trigger reactivity and button mapping options. Each player will be able to configure the REVOLUTION Pro Controller 2 to optimal settings according to their preferences and type of game.

PC Advanced Mode
Players can now enjoy all the benefits of customizing the REVOLUTION Pro Controller 2 on PC. Optimized compatibility that allows gamers to use profiles on both platforms, PS4 and PC. A new interface, redesigned, for a better ergonomics which allows the player to save up to 8 profiles on his controller , 4 PS4TM and 4 PC with an even more
advanced setting!

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