Thronmax MDrill One - Jet Black

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  • Thronmax MDrill One - Jet Black
  • Thronmax MDrill One - Jet Black
  • Thronmax MDrill One - Jet Black
  • Thronmax MDrill One - Jet Black
  • Thronmax MDrill One - Jet Black
  • Thronmax MDrill One - Jet Black
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  • Thronmax MDrill One - Jet Black
  • Thronmax MDrill One - Jet Black
  • Thronmax MDrill One - Jet Black
  • Thronmax MDrill One - Jet Black
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Saatavuus: 20+ st varastossa
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- For Podcasters, YouTubers, Gamers, Musicians, Business Owners & More!
- VERTIGAIN® Technology
- Four recording modes: cardioid, stereo, bi-directional and omnidirectional
- Recording settings are saved in the microphone
- Compatible with MAC, Windows, Linux, PS4 with Plug & Play (no software required)

PRICEWORTHY Microphone for Podcasters, YouTubers, Gamers, Musicians, Entrepreneurs and more!

The MDrill One microphone’s beautiful design and proprietary VERTIGAIN® Technology promise to record unparalleled, broadcast quality audio. MDrill will consistently record up to 10% more clearly and accurately than other USB microphones. 48kHz 16bit studio-quality recording. The recording modes include cardioid, stereo, bidirectional and omnidirectional.

VERTIGAIN® Technology enables sound waves to move vertically through the microphone instead of spreading in the network in other microphones. This technology increases the recording quality and clarity by up to 10% compared to other microphones.

Choose from four options on how MDrill One records sound without buying four different microphones. The recording modes include cardioid, stereo, bi-directional and omnidirectional.

Experience absolutely no delay time between talking in the MDrill One microphone and recording sound. That means you will hear yourself in real time, every time.

The desired recording settings are saved within the MDrill One microphone. This means that you do not have to worry about restoring each time the MDrill One is turned on or off.

Mount your MDrill One with various universal accessories, including a pop filter or microphone extension.

MDrill One is compatible with microphone stand with 5/8 "-27 threaded screw.
3/8" female to 5/8" male-threaded screw adapter can be used to easily replace the mounting type.

Turn the MDrill One on and off most computers directly via a USB type C cable connection. The USB-C connection is lightning fast, so you don't have to worry about a wait.

HD studio-qualified HD recording
4 dedicated recording patterns
- Cardioid: For streaming and gamers
- Stereo: Vocals
- Bi-directoinal: Interview or duets
- 360° omnidirectional: Conference calls, events
Smart LED indicator for different modes
7-color LED show
Mute function
3.5 mm audio jack
Adjustable solid metal body
Mic and volume controls. 9-level LED indicator
3m braided type C cable
USB connection, plug&play

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Tekniset tiedot
Compatible with: PC
Microphone type: Capacitor
Sampling rate (kHz/bit): 48
Max input SPL (dB): 110
Pickup pattern: Unidirectional, Stereo, Bi-Directional/Figure-8, Omnidirectional
Included accessories: Microphone stands
Interface: USB
Cable length (m): 3
Size & weight
Width (mm): 115.5
Depth (mm): 115.5
Height (mm): 224.8
Weight (g): 698
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