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Corsair Gaming K65 LUX RGB [MX Red]

Corsair Gaming K65 LUX RGB [MX Red]

Legendary performance and unlimited customization, now in a compact size.

The Corsair Gaming K65 RGB is a compact high-performance mechanical gaming keyboard for travelling gamers or anybody who wants more room to move their mouse more freely. The full-size key spacing won’t throw you off your game, and the Cherry MX RGB key switches and 100% anti-ghosting with full key rollover on USB give you fast, accurate response.

Multi color, per key backlighting for virtually unlimited customization
Every one of the keys can be assigned a unique backlighting color. This gives you opportunities for key binding that you’ve never seen before in a mechanical keyboard.

100% Cherry MX Brown Key Switches
Cherry MX Red key switches deliver smooth, linear key response with a wide actuation zone. They have the responsiveness you need for perfectly executing double and triple taps, and there’s no audible click or tactile “bump.”

No ten-key means more room
Unless you’re spending hours a day entering numbers into spreadsheets, you’ll appreciate the extra space you get. The shorter dimensions make it fit more easily into backpacks and messenger bags, and when it’s at your desk, you’ll have more flexibility in placing your mouse mat and moving your mouse.

  • Merkki Corsair
  • Tuotekoodi: CH-9110010-ND
  • Meidän tuotenumero:9384
  • Toimitusaika: 2-3 Päivää

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