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Sound BlasterX H3 -Pelikuulokkeet

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CLEARER, LOUDER, HARDER, BETTER. Sound BlasterX H3 is specifically designed for portability and comfort. A portable analog gaming headset that's lightweight and comfortable. Fold up and take this headset along wherever your gaming habits take you.

Robust, Lightweight and Foldable Architecture

The Sound BlasterX H3 is built to withstand the rigours of life. It is made from a durable shock resistant plastic architecture that is tough enough to survive bumps and knocks from travel. Fold the earcups to optimize the space in your backpack that's meant to be shared with your keyboard, mouse and mouse pad.

Noise-isolating Circumaural Design
A portable and discreet headset that delivers comfort in a neat little package, the Sound BlasterX H3 features an over-the-ear, circumaural form factor. Its plush leatherette earcups deliver unmatched comfort for an immersive gameplay without any compromise to the soundstage.

Comfortable Plush Leatherette Ear Cushions
The Sound BlasterX H3's plush leatherette earcups keeps you comfortable and focused on your game all day without distraction. Whether you are a gamer who wears eyewear or not, now you can game for hours without a hint of fatigue.

Amazing Audio Prowess
Powered by large, responsive 40mm FullSpectrum drivers, the Sound BlasterX H3 delivers powerful bass and astounding clarity.

Rated at 118db/mW, it is among the loudest gaming headsets in its class. Feel the tremor of every explosion and hear the rattle of gunfire in your gameplay, like no other.

Warm Sound Signature
The Sound BlasterX H3 comes pre-tuned out of the box with a warm sound signature2. What this means is that with rich bass tuning, you'll feel the rumble of deep low bass to further enhance your gaming experience.

Detachable Noise Reduction Microphone
The detachable noise-reduction microphone filters ambient sounds so you can be heard clearly, even in noisy environments.

When you're not gaming, detach your microphone from the headset and you'll get a pair of compact headphones that's ready for music on the go.

Enhance Your Hearing with Sound BlasterX Acoustic Engine Lite Software
Although the headset sounds great on it's own, we have tapped onto our rich history of creating class-leading audio algorithms to power up the sound of the Sound BlasterX H3 beyond the realm of physical limitations through audio enhancements optimized for your gameplay.

Available for Windows, Sound BlasterX Acoustic Engine Lite1 offers preset audio profiles specially programme according to the audio settings of popular games today. When activated, these profiles bring out the essence of the game you are playing. From the whizz of bullets flying past your ear in your favorite FPS game to the terrifying roar of a troll from an adventure game, these sounds come alive with our professionally tweaked enhancements!

Sound is Your Biggest Ally
Just imagine yourself surrounded by blind spots that make it visually impossible to get around. Who knows, you might even find yourself dead. So, what if one split second could alter your fate? Or perhaps, the distant shrill of a siren could hint at certain dangers looming ahead of you. As the cornerstone of your victory, we have a list of audio profiles, which is specially tuned to help you realize the potential of sound, your biggest ally.


Tuotenumeromme: 10333
Valmistajan tuotenumero: 70GH034000000

Tietoa tuotemerkistä

Creative – kuule enemmän, tule paremmaksi. – Creative on tunnettu äänituotteistaan ja se on ollut markkinoilla 80-luvulta lähtien. Kun tietokoneen käyttö siirtyi pelaamiseen, monilla ihmisillä oli jo Sound Blaster -äänikortit tietokoneissaan. Siitä lähtien Creative on laajentanut valikoimaansa kaiuttimilla, kuulokkeilla ja web-kameroilla.

Jos haluat olla edellä vastustajiasi kaikilla eri tasoilla, suosittelemme Creative-äänikorttia. Vaikka oletkin sijoittanut hyviin kuulokkeisiin, tarvitset äänikortin, joka tekee eron.

Tekniset tiedot


Yhteensopivuus Andriod, MAC, PC, PS4, Xbox One


Taajuusalue 100-15000 Hz
Impedanssi 2200 Ω
Herkkyys -40 dB
Irrotettava Ei

Mitat & paino

Johdon pituus 2 m, 4 m
Paino 227 g


Kaiutinelementti 40 mm
Akustinen rakenne Suljettu
Muodossa tekijä Over-ear
Kuulokkeiden tyynyt Synteettinen tekonahka
Valaistus No
Väri Musta


Takuu 1 vuoden takuu

Tekniset tiedot

Chatmix Ei
Mykistä-painike Kyllä
Tilavuus säätimet Kyllä
Aktiivinen melunpoisto Kyllä

Äänen ulostulo

Herkkyys 118 db
Impedanssi 32 Ω
Taajuusalue 20-20000 Hz
Kuulostaa Stereo
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